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Upcoming Workshop: Modes and Modal Borrowing in Your Songwriting | JUNE 6 (NY)/7 (Syd)

Dear friends and songwriters,

Ever wondered what modes and modal borrowing are? This upcoming 90-minute interactive workshop will explore new and exciting ways to create beautiful chord progressions through the chromatic beauty of modal borrowing.

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About this event

One of the biggest challenges we face as songwriters is coming up with new and interesting chord progressions. Trying to create unique combinations of chords can be tricky, especially if we lean on familiar patterns, traditional sounds and strictly diatonic structures.

However, there is a simple and effective way to enhance your songwriting through the process of 'modal borrowing' - a technique that will give you endless possibilities and exciting new combinations of chords!

In this 90-minute workshop, you'll learn an easy 2-step method for creating interesting and beautiful chord progressions - helping you overcome writers block and allowing you to break free of predictable, well-worn patterns. We'll also look at some sample chord sequences and discuss various applications across multiple genres and writing styles. Finally, we'll explore how you can immediately apply this technique to your songwriting and get great results in your next composition.

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Songwriting Tip: Quick Start to Using Modes

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Our first ONLINE MINI COURSE has just landed!

Writing Beautiful Melodies Workshop | OCT 3 (USA) / OCT 4 (Aus)

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